BiH’s Presidency Member: Very Serious Implications if Croatia engaged in Espionage Activities in BiH

Bosnia and Herzegovina’s (BiH’s) Presidency member Zeljko Komsic assessed today that the allegations of certain media about the possible involvement of diplomats from neighboring Croatia in activities that deeply enter the sphere of espionage and terrorism in order to realize their vague interests in BiH have very serious implications.

Komsic thinks that only a poorly informed observer can think that in today’s world, diplomats are solely concerned with “developing and enhancing diplomatic relations”.

Komsic added that there is a precisely drawn red line that must not be crossed.

He recalls that from the relevant security and intelligence agencies of Bosnia and Herzegovina was requested to check the allegations of attempting to present BiH as a “regional terrorist base”.

“If the allegations are true, BiH will, without hesitation take the measures that are envisaged in such situations,” concludes Komsic.

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