Brcko Port Modernization opens Door for other Infrastructure Projects

Principal Deputy High Representative and Brčko Supervisor Michael Scanlan commended the adoption of the EBRD Loan Agreement for the Brčko Port modernization at yesterday’s session of the Brčko District Assembly. “The International Community is seeking partners among BiH authorities who are committed to good governance practices and delivering results for their communities. By approving this infrastructure investment, endorsed more than two years ago by all relevant BiH institutions, the Brčko authorities have sent a signal that they can be a reliable partner. More importantly, both the Government and the Assembly of Brčko have demonstrated they are committed to creating the conditions for Brčko District’s accelerated development and prosperity.

The modernization of the only river port in BiH will open the door to other infrastructure projects of public interest, including projects by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development to improve water supply and waste management in the District. This will further create conditions for business sector expansion and all associated benefits, including job creation and more public revenues to improve services to citizens”, Supervisor stated.

In this context, Supervisor Scanlan underlined the importance of completing other key near-term priorities. In that respect, the adoption of the 2019 budget this month is a must to ensure unimpeded functioning of District institutions and delivery of public services. Other important tasks are the full introduction of fiscal cash registers by the end of June, which will reinforce the fight against the grey economy, strengthen the rule of law and generate more revenues for public services. This fall we should also see the adoption of an improved law on the budget, which will promote greater fiscal discipline, transparency and responsibility in spending.

“Brcko has all the ingredients to be a success story. However, it is only through concrete actions, such as the one yesterday,  by its elected officials that this potential can become a reality enjoyed by the residents of Brcko”, Scanlan said.

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