Bijambare Received Ten Stećci

Stecak BijambareThe first ten Stećci were transported to the protected area of Bijambare as part of the project for the relocation of dozens of Stećci from Mramorje in Čevljanovići, which is being realized for the first time after the war in B&H. The Stećci will be placed in the central part of Bijambare, on the right side of the entrance towards the ‘wooden city’, at 1,6 hectares.

At this place, the, Stećci will be accessible to all visitors, while the entire zone will be named a national monument.

The area of Mramorje has 38 Stećci. During the construction of the Sarajevo-Tuzla highway the monuments were displaced from their authentic locations and placed in the current area, where they were subjected to rapid decay.

Bijambare will now receive something that is of significant value, and this is important for applying to EU and environmental funds.

(Source: radiosarajevo.ba)

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