Bijeljina:10.5 Tons of Dead Livestock Collected, Epidemiological Situation Risky

uginule stokeThe situation in the flooded area along the river Sava in Bijeljina, where there are still dead livestock is epidemiological risky. Progress is being done in driving away dead livestock and already a major part of them is removed.

Main activity during yesterday was to remove dead livestock.

These activities were carried out by members of the Civil Protection with the involvement of boats from locals and with the assistance of veterinary team.

10.5 tons of dead livestock are collected. Removal of dead livestock from Velino Selo is planned for today.
All the livestock has been evacuated from this village and the plan is to put them in a quarantine, in order to avoid the contact of healthy livestock and those which have been all the time in Velino Selo.

After floods, in Bijeljina a major problem still represent “the water gaps” in city area and in the local community area Dvorovi, confirmed this morning the Headquarters for Emergency Situation of RS.

(Source: klix.ba)

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