New Asphalt in over 25 streets of Novi Grad Neighbourhoods

newThe works on the rehabilitation and reconstruction of local and uncategorized roads in the Municipality Novi Grad started last week and should be completed in a month.

It is a project of the investment maintenance of roads, which will include more than 25 streets in 14 neighbourhoods of Novi Grad Municipality. About 700.000 BAM have been allocated for this purpose from this year’s budget.

The works are being conducted in the streets Antuna Branka Simica number 15-19-21-30 in Hrasno, at the Square of Solidarity from number 1 to number 13 in Alipasino Polje, and the street Avde Hodzica from number 48 to number 52 in Dobrinja.

The rehabilitation and reconstruction of roads will also be conducted in the neighbourhoods Saraj-Polje, Svrakino Selo, and in Boljakov Potok and Buca Potok, the ettlement of Heroja Sokolje, Dobrosevici, Bojnik, Zabrdje and Reljevo.

By the implementation of this project, the residents in some streets will have an asphated road near their houses for the first time ever, while in the other streets the damaged asphalt will be replaced with the new one, it was announced from the Municipality Novi Grad.

During recent days, the employees of the construction company „Orman“, which was appointed the contractor, completed the works in the streets Branislava Nusica number 185-205 in Saraj-Polje, Aleja Bosne srebrene from number 153 to number 131, as well as two branches in Aleja Bosne srebrene in the local community Dobrinja A, and in Vrbovska street in Aneks.

In the coming period, the works will be conducted in the streets: Ferida Srnje, Hekim Oglu Ali-pase from number 2a, Srdjana Aleksica from number 19, the joint of the streets Numan-pase Cuprilica and Rogaticka, as well as in the streets Kobiljak from number 22 to number 32, Bjelugovicka from number 48 to number 68, a section of Paljevska street, Avde Palica from number 263 to number 281 and Avde Palica opposite of number 10, and in three branches in Mihaljevska street.

In addition to the mentioned streets, this project will also include the streets Adema Buce at the numbers 34-36-38, Safeta Isovica from number 5 to number 19 and from number 5 to number 31, Adema Buce from number 467 to 465a, Vitkovac from number 248 to number 258, and the streets Senada Colica from number 25 and Viteska street. Parallel with these works at the territory of Novi Grad Municipality, the works are being executed on the rehabilitation of damaged squares and streets within the regular maintenance of roads in this local community.

(Source: novovrijeme.ba/ photo akta)

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