Newborn wrapped in a Blanket found in front of a Mosque in Tuzla



The Istok Police Station – Tuzla Police Department received a call at around 11 pm on Monday that an abandoned newborn had been spotted in front of the entrance to the White Mosque in the Tuzla settlement of Slavinovici.

Police was contacted by the person who first noticed the abandoned newborn wrapped in a blanket in front of the entrance to the mosque, Vijesti.ba news portal reports.

“At the moment we can only confirm that the baby was transported to the University Clinical Center Tuzla, where it will be taken care of, an investigation is underway after which more information about this event will be known,” the Tuzla Ministry of Interior operative confirmed for Tuzlanski.ba.

The Tuzla Center for Social Work and the Tuzla Emergency Medical Service were also informed about this case, and they transported the newborn to the Tuzla University Medical Center, more precisely to the Pediatric Clinic.


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