“Bingo City Center” Tuzla to invest in Utility Infrastructure

bingoMayor of Tuzla, Jasmin Imamovic, accompanied by associates and representatives of the company Bingo, visited the construction site of the “Bingo City Centre Tuzla.” This is the largest facility of production and trade company from Tuzla in B&H, with the surface of 38,498.63 m2 whose construction is very important for Tuzla.

“Times of underestimating B&H strength and mind are far behind us. I think that every foreign direct investment is welcomed and it is very good to build these facilities, each capital as investment is welcomed as well, but this is our, domestic investment, and it comes from the company which has the power to integrate B&H. This is a great news and opportunity for our city, because we already announced tenders for 25 roads and a number of utility projects in Tuzla from the money we received for the rent of the Bingo Center. New job places are open since many medium and small enterprises are working on the construction of the facility. “Bingo” company is developing both trade and production, so that there will be more jobs after the object is opened. Citizens will have Hypermarket Bingo with the surface of 6000 m2, Cinestar cinema (with 5 screens), and the World’s and European top trade brands that will attract visitors from other cities as well, “said the Mayor of Tuzla, Jasmin Imamovic during today’s visit to the construction site of “Bingo City Center Tuzla.”

Ljubisa Tesic, the main supervisor of the construction site, introduced Mayor Imamovic and journalists with the construction works and planned activities within the facility.

“Constructive object will contain 3 floors, including basement, ground floor and the first floor. Besides the facilities that Mayor already mentioned, space for trade, culture and entertainment are planned as well as Bingo restaurant with playroom and summer garden, Bingo Bowling Center (Brunswick) with 10 lanes, and exhibition area. Parking lot for customers and visitors is planned in the basement,” said supervisor of the construction site, Ljubisa Tesic, at the end of the presentation.

It is planned for the entrance for customers to be on the west side, from where they will be able to enter into ground and basement garage. On the east side will be the entrance for supply vehicles. The estimated date for completion of construction works is September 2016.


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