BNT from Novi Travnik is developing a Bosnian Long-Range Mortar

The company BNT – the Factory of Machine and Hydraulics from Novi Travnik, which produced the first Bosnian howitzer, is working on developing another weapon. This is a long-range mortar, for which it received the financial support of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The government decided to support the work of this company with 300,000 BAM, which will be used to construct a long-range mortar.

“The funds are intended to increase productivity through the purchase of compressors, the repair and optimization of the capacity for zincing and chroming, the repair and modernization of the equipment within the laboratory, the repair of the 3D measuring machine and the development of a long-range mortar,” the Government of FBiH stated.

This is a part of a grant of funds allocated in this year’s Budget of the FBiH to the Federal Ministry of Energy, Mining and Industry for the purpose of capital transfers to public enterprises and intended for financing research and development projects.

It is clear that this is not a matter of a lot of money, but this news is important because it shows that Bosnian companies from the industry not only produce products, but also develop their own products.

In addition to the BNT’s howitzer, the Technical and Repair Institute of Hadzici developed the first Bosnian handheld rocket launcher and the company AC Unity from Gorazde, developed the first Bosnian rifle.


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