Border Police issued 24,884 Decisions on placing Citizens under Isolation


As of April 12th, federal sanitary inspectors at border crossings issued a total of 24,884 decisions on placing passengers under isolation for a period of 14 days.

For categories of persons exempted from the Order of the Federal Civil Protection Staff – drivers, severely ill persons in medical transport, persons in border traffic and cross-border workers, federal sanitary inspectors at border crossings issued 22 decisions on isolation measures, the Federal Administration for Security said.

It was also pointed out that passenger traffic has been significantly reduced, and today only 14 people have entered border crossings where sanitary checks are carried out by federal inspectors.

Today, measures out of 445 isolation decisions issued by federal sanitary inspectors are highlighted, and until yesterday, a total of 17,581 persons had expired a mandatory isolation period of 14 days.

Following the adoption of the Federal Government’s Decision on measures of direct control of certain products and services of interest to the Federation of BiH entity, which determined trade margins for petroleum products, the duty team of the Federal Market Inspectorate carried out inspections of gas stations and other during the day.

So far, seven inspections have been carried out, and seven violations have been identified, which implies the filing of seven misdemeanor orders in the amount of 8,000 BAM.

The controls did not establish non-compliance with the Federal Government’s decision on prescribing direct price control measures in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.



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