Borgward cars covering road from Beijing to Sarajevo presented in downtown of BiH capital

The Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) in China presented here on Saturday two Borgward cars that covered the road from Beijing to Sarajevo.

At one of the busiest squares in downtown Sarajevo, the Borgward cars caught the great attention of tourists and BiH citizens, especially for the interesting story they carry.

At the opening ceremony, Ambassador of BiH to China Anton Rill said that the cars started their journey in Beijing on Oct.10, and arrived in Sarajevo on Saturday.

“After 11,000 kilometers, we managed to show that the better cooperation and connection between China’s and BiH’s economies are possible,” Rill said, highlighting that this was the main aim of the project.

Rill told the story how he found old “Volkswagen Jetta” cars in China, the ones manufactured in Sarajevo. It was the reason why he decided to start the initiative of cooperation between Chinese and factories in Sarajevo.

“We have shown that China’s car industry in today’s sector has reached a high level, and there is a great possibility of cooperation between the car factories in BiH and China,” Rill said, adding that he personally traveled from Beijing to Sarajevo.

The cars presented here are designed according to the latest standards in German technology and European standards.

“Currently, the cars BX5 and BX/i are produced in Beijing, and the new model is coming soon to this market, namely, a wholly electric Bxi7,” a representative of Borgward for Eastern Europe Philip Deng stated.

The two cars will also be presented at the upcoming International Trade Fair in Mostar on April 9-13, 2019.

The Chamber of Commerce of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH), one of the entities in BiH, in cooperation with BiH Embassy in China, coordinated this project.

The once-popular Borgward car brand has been relaunched in Germany this year for the first time since declaring insolvency 55 years ago.

It is assisted by an investment of its Chinese parent company Beiqi Foton Motor, which has already sold 100,000 Borgward BX7 models in China and is also marketing the vehicle in southeast Asia, South America and the Middle East.

(Source: Xinhua, photo Fena, Almir Razic)

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