Bosnia adopts Public Investment Program worth over Three Billion BAM

The Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina, at the proposal of the Ministry of Finance and Treasury, adopted the Public Investment Program / Development and Investment Program of Institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina for the period 2021-2023, which contains 255 projects, worth a total of three billion and 883.71 million BAM.

Out of that, one billion and 134.51 million BAM refers to 123 projects in implementation, 86.15 million BAM to 19 approved projects, and two billion and 663.05 million BAM to 113 candidate projects.

Out of the total value of all projects, three billion and 497.62 million BAM refer to investments in capital projects, and 392.09 million BAM to investments in institutional projects.

The value of projects that directly contribute to socio-economic development is more than 2.8 billion BAM, the Council of Ministers of BiH stated in the press release.

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