Bosnia and Herzegovina- The Era of ‘’Safe Blood’’ has started

The Institute for Transfusion Medicine of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina has
secured high sophisticated equipment for detecting transmitted diseases and the inactivation
of pathogens in blood. The equipment is made according to European standards and it
increases the safety of blood used in transfusions.

„That is the method of controlling the blood and eliminating the pathogens that are situated
in blood plates. The equipment enables the most contemporary method that makes the blood
even more safe for transfusion, and that is the best innovation that could happen in the field of
transfusion in Bosnia and Herzegovina”- said dr. Zlatko Čardaklija, the advisor in the Federal
Ministry of Health.

Bosnia and Herzegovina became the only country in the region that is in possession of such
high quality equipment. Countries such as Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic, Romania
and some countries of the EU do not have this kind of equipment.

Midhat Haračić, the director of the Institute for Transfusion Medicine of FB&H said that,
thanks to the new equipment ” the donated blood will be processed in order to remove all
negative substance, including all viruses that could harm the patients”.

The worth of this equipment is near half a million of BAM, and it is secured thanks to the
collaboration with the UNDP. With the secured new equipment, the project of ”Safe blood”
has been finalized. The staff that will be working on this equipment has been trained in
Austria, Slovenia, Italy and one group is soon going to England for further training.

Doctor Haračić adds how with this equipment and the staff, one may say that the era of ”safe
blood” has started.

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