Switzerland Organizes “Model OSCE” for Youth Across the Region of OSCE

osce 2014Switzerland will take over the chairmanship of the OSCE from 2014 and wants to strengthen the role of young people and to enhance their participation in the structures of the OSCE. In order to achieve this, Switzerland will organize a program titled “Model OSCEwithin which one young delegate from each 57 OSCE States will be invited to participate.

“Model OSCEincludes three major events that will take place during 2014 and the first event that presents a simulation of the Permanent Council will be held in Vienna from 14 – 17 January 2014.

The program is open for young people between the ages of 18 and 30 from all 57 Member States of the OSCE, and Switzerland will cover the costs of the successful candidates.

The deadline for applications is 24th October.

(Source: OSCE)

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