Bosnia records Great Decrease in Export of Weapons

Exports of weapons and ammunition from Bosnia and Herzegovina last year were reduced to 162 million BAM. A year earlier, the value of exports amounted to about 213 million BAM.

Convincingly, most of these products were exported to Egypt last year in the value of around 57 million BAM, which is an amount similar to the one from 2019, RTV Slon reports.

It is followed by Saudi Arabia with an export value of 21 million and the United States with about 20 million BAM.

Saudi Arabia is the “culprit” for the decline in exports, because in 2019, the value of weapons and ammunition that we placed on that market was 72 million BAM.

When it comes to exports in 2020, there are also Turkey with 14.3 million and the Czech Republic with an export value of 7.8 million BAM.

Last year, we imported weapons and ammunition worth about 11 million BAM.

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