Bosniaks from Konjević Polje Seek Asylum in European Countries

školaBosniak parents of children from Konjević Polje spent the last 22 nights in front of the OHR building in Sarajevo. They are asking from the international community to finally say whether Bosniak students in the RS have a right to their national subjects. Currently, there are 50 parents and 30 children sleeping in tents, and they said that they would not give up until their problems are solved.

They filed a criminal complaint last month against the RS Minister of Culture and Education Goran Mutabdžija. They said that Mutabdžija will argue before the court on accusations of discrimination against children in the RS regarding the lack of national subjects in schools.

‘’We have information that negotiations are underway between OHR and the OSCE with Mutabdžija in order to find a solution. Requests for asylum were sent to embassies of Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Germany, Austria and France, said one of the parents Muhizin Omerović.

(Source: Avaz)

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