International Internet Day

internet_danIn 1969 on this date at 22:30 at the laboratory of the University of California, Los Angeles the first electronic message from one computer to another was sent. Today is a very important day in the history of mankind, the day that changed the way in which the world communicates, purchases, travels, learns and remains informed with current events. Today is International Internet Day.

Professor of Computer Sciences Lionardo Klajnrok supervised the graduate Charlie Klein, who sent a message via computer network to the programmer Bill Duval.

“We wanted to send just a simple word ‘login’ to the Stenford research institute, said Klajnrok. Although the message is not too inspiring, it was very meaningful”, Klein typed the letters “L” and “O”. Duval received the message before the system crashed.

The message which consisted of one word “login” was sent completely after an hour.

With this act ARPANET was conceived (Research Projects Agency Network)and the network that eventually became the Internet.

(Source: Vijesti.me)

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