Bosnian Carpet made of 25,000 Plastic Plugs to be exhibited in March

After three years of work, and on 35 workshops organized by the Green Art Association and local communities, involving more than 700 citizens, a 30-square-meter carpet containing 25,000 plastic plugs was finished. Citizens, children from elementary schools, members of the Green Art Association, all participated in the collection activities.

President of the Association Alma Hrasnica-Dervišević told Patria News Agency that the presentation of the Čepoćilim (carpet) project will be held on March 18th in Sarajevo City Centre, where it will be exhibited until March 22 this year.

“Space is phenomenal because we will be able to experience the visual mosaics and the height, which will be a special experience,” says Hrasnica-Dervišević adding that the carpet is made in the motif of the stylized Bosnian-style and will be set an exhibit on the public surface.

“We believe that its attractive, Bosnian style carpet has a phenomenal and very attractive background for the image of tourists, local and foreign, who visit Sarajevo. We also promote cultural heritage in an innovative way, as a blend of culture and ecology. With the exhibition, we want to make Sarajevo a symbol of an ecologically well-known city,” says Hrasnica-Dervišević.

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