Bosnian Company continues producing Men’s Clothing for Italian Armani


Despite problems in the global market for the placement of textile products caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Doboj Istok-based “Kismet” company, producing men’s clothing for the Italian Armani, did not interrupt production and lay off workers.

When the supply of Armani suits was interrupted, ”Kismet” partially reoriented production, and the company began to manufacture protective masks with European standards to provide workers with regular salaries.

About 70,000 masks have been sold domestically, as well as in the Austrian market, and new numerous orders are arriving as well.

The raw material started to arrive again, but the problem could be the collection of the work done.

“In fact, our customers do not work, they fill the warehouses with suits and we do not know if they will be sold at all and whether they will be able to pay us for the work we do today. It’s all pure “enthusiasm”, to say we fought and didn’t let people go to the bureau for unemployed persons,” the company’s owner Alen Karic told Federalna TV.

Due to strict health measures, this plant operates at half capacity. None of the 220 workers were fired, and fixed-term contracts were extended.


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