Bosnian Company produces for Factories of Audi and Mercedes Worldwide

Fahrudin Sahmanija was born in Hamburg. He obtained a degree in mechanical engineering in Germany and learned to work with automotive giants such as Mercedes. Nostalgia for his homeland brought him back to BiH in 2005.

He founded the company Femetall in Zenica. They started operating at the end of 2006 in the incubator of Zenica Business Zone and they managed to realize turnover of 1.7 million BAM last year. After 4 years spent in the incubator, they decided to purchase their own hall in the same Business Zone, which they upgraded a year and a half ago.

“Now we are producing metal and inox products. We are producing different products, from tram stops to elements of the automotive industry,” said Sahmanija.

Besides numerous domestic and international companies, among their customers are world’s leading car manufacturers such as Volkswagen, Audi, Daimler…

“We deliver to factories of Mercedes in China, Russia, the United States, the Czech Republic, Germany, as well as for Volkswagen’s factories in Poland and for Daimler in Germany and China,” said Sahmanija.

“The business is continuously growing. We could work much more if there was enough of trained workforce – locksmiths and welders,” said Sahmanija.

Femetall can also boast with the fact that they produced the world’s largest nut. It was delivered from their plant to Zepce a few days ago, and it was placed in front of the company that ordered it, and it might be found on the list of Guinness World Records soon.

Namely, a nut made of inox that is three and a half meters tall and weighs around three tons is half a meter larger than the largest nut that was produced in the United States. Therefore, Tisa komerc from Zepce decided to submit a request for its entry to the Guinness World Records.






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