Bosnian Company Skafa to be reopened Two Years after the great Fire

A great fire took place in the shopping center Skafa in the settlement of Rakovica at the end of July 2016, and this building completely burnt in that fire. The main warehouse of Skafa in Maglaj was destroyed two years earlier, during the floods of 2014. The damage was estimated at 1.2 million BAM back then, and 300 workers were left without a job.

“We had that great accident and its damage was estimated at tens of millions of BAM, which was a large loss, but the loss of my father, the owner and founder of the company Skafa, was our greatest tragedy. He died half a year after the fire. After his sudden death, my mother, younger sister and I continued working and fighting. We opened three more stores in Maglaj, Sarajevo and Konjic. The opening of our old building represents a crown of our work, everything has started here and we are not planning to stop now,” stated Alem Karalic.

Skafa was not standing still after the great fire that left many workers without their job, and Karalic stated that they found other job for all of their workers. He also noted that his wish is to make his father’s dream of 1,000 employees come true.

“I believe that a man lives for as long as his work is alive. I had a great motive to continue working. I do not want to let my father die in a way. He dedicated his entire life to helping people. I felt a great responsibility to continue all of this and I have never run away from it. This is a wonderful country and a person can make a progress in it. I love this people, this country, and I never wanted to leave it. My father always followed that path and he was always trying to help people in need. My great wish is to continue his journey. We should help people who need our help, and I am sure that it will pay off in the end,” noted Karalic.

According to him, Skafa will return to Zenica soon and they currently have seven facilities, four in Sarajevo and one in Maglaj, Gorazde and Konjic. He also added that they will start with the production of healthy food soon. He stated that they want for Skafa to differ from others by lower prices of basic groceries, including flour, oil, sugar…

Skafa will be open at 8:30 a.m. on Saturday, and the opening will include rich program, gifts to their customers and mega-grill event. Karalic stated that no one will need a special invitation.








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