Bosnian invented a Vehicle that transforms into a Suitcase?

Elvis Cero from Tuzla has a solution for traffic jams. This is the first prototype of an electric vehicle called “Go city”, and it can be transformed into an easily portable suitcase.

“The idea came by itself because I wanted to do something innovative, something that does not exist on the market, something that can be easily assembled, a practical incention that will save time, space and money,” stated Cero.

It is designed for one person that is up to 185 centimetres tall and whose weight is up to 100 kilograms with a small backpack, and the thing that makes it especially interesting is that it can be folded on the size of a suitcase.

Currently, the project is in its second phase, and the financial support was provided by company in which Cero works as a machine engineer. Moreover, Cero stated that even bad weather conditions are not a problem, since this vehicle is designed to fully protect the driver from a bad weather and it will also provide comfortable and stable ride.

It is intended for owners of camp-trailers, yachts, boats, trucks, and it also has direct application on large fairs, airports etc. However, it is invented for the foreign market.

“I cannot really see the application in the Balkans region because we have enough space for parking, we do not have that large traffic jams, etc. The other reason is the price of this model, which will cost somewhere around 2,700 EUR,” stated this innovator.

Cero is currently in the phase of searching for investors and the development of a more practical, lighter version, which will be exclusively intended for urban area, and he is convinced that it will lead to a real revolution in the modern traffic.

(Source: N1)

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