Russian President Vladimir Putin explained what Srebrenica means to Him

Yesterday, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin disappointed all of his fans in Serbia by using Srebrenica as a describing unit for massacre during his annual media conference.

While talking about Ukraine, Putin stated: “There are police force units that are ready to fight off any kind of military action against Donbas. We consider that it corresponds to the interest of people who live on that territory, because otherwise, a slaughter worse than the one in Srebrenica would happen there.”

Thus, Putin hit one of the most painful spots of recent Serbian history, Srebrenica massacre, which majority of the nationalistically oriented Serbian politicians, which are almost always great fans of Russia and Putin, are trying to minimize, and even completely deny as a crime that was committed by Serbs, led by The Hague indictee Ratko Mladic.

Although he is well informed about the fact that the crime in Srebrenica provokes anger, sadness or even rage in majority of Serbs, the President of Russia still decided to use it as analogy.

Dragan Sormaz, the former official and deputy of DSS of Vojislav Kostunica and today’s representative of SNS in the Assembly of Serbia and great fan of Russia, stated that this is one of the proves that “Russia, as every other large force, is interested in its own interests.”

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)

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