Public Revenues in Bosnia and Herzegovina higher for 96 Million BAM compared to Last Year


The Tax Administration of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina informed that the taxpayers of the Federation of BiH paid 4,361,403,458 BAM of public revenues for the period January – October 2019, which is  96,973,492 BAM more than in the same period last year. years.

In the structure of direct taxes for this period, profit tax was collected in the amount of 325,605,192, BAM and for October 29,784,071 BAM, property taxes in the amount of 87,243,245 BAM, and for October 8,802,779 BAM, other taxes 535,087 For October, 57,339 BAM and income tax 345,644,555, BAM and for October 35,046,804 BAM. Fees were collected in the amount of 344,654,712, BAM and for October 38,272,856 BAM.

During this period, contributions for pension and disability, health and unemployment insurance were collected in the total amount of 3,013,277,510, BAM and for October, 310,219,647 BAM.

In the structure of contributions for this period, contributions for PIO / MIO were collected in the amount of 1,677,597,855, BAM for October 172,204,920 BAM, for health insurance 1,196,284,817 BAM, and for October 123,680,917 BAM and for unemployment insurance 139.394.837 BAM, and in October 14.333.810 BAM.

According to the official records from the Unified system of registration, control and collection of contributions, the number of employees in the Federation of BiH according to the residence of employees as of 31.10.2019. was 536,768, which does not include persons who earn income on the basis of contracts of work, temporary and occasional jobs and contracts for copyright work, Biznis Info reports.

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