Bosnian Man decorated House for Holidays with 10.000 Bulbs

In Garevac near Modrica these days there are lights like in Las Vegas, and the house of Dragutin Ignjatovic – Guti is seen from afar as it has been decorated with 10.000 colorful New Year’s bulbs.

All edges of the house, from floor to top, where the last tiles are connected – everything is decorated with bulbs. Dragutin had decorated the house in this way in the middle of December, he lights the bulbs as soon as dark starts, and turns it off with the first morning light. In a joke he says that every sport is expensive, and his type of sport costs him about 100 BAM per year.

“The electricity bill is higher by about 35 BAM than usual, but I do not worry about electricity because I adore this. No matter how much it amounts, I don’t consider it expensive. Every year, I buy new 10-meter bulbs and the next winter everything will look even nicer because I plan to set up more bulbs, “ says Dragutin.

He told that he decorates his house like this for ten years now, and the last three he is climbing on the roof. Only the discharge of the cables with the bulbs lasts for about two hours, and the process of setting requires time and skill.

“It should be noted that it is very complicated to connect all of this, it takes a lot of time for the bulbs to tighten on the roof and it needs a lot of extension cables, “ Dragutin explains, who connects bulbs for years, some have lighten up the house for ten years, and if they break, he fixes them. There is no throwing away.

His colorful bulbs will shine for the next few days, and then they will be removed, and for the next winters he has plans – to decorate the yard as well, collect 30.000 bulbs and record his sparkling passion with the drone, from each angle.


(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)

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