Bosnian Police arrested Thirteen Persons for unauthorized Possession of Narcotics


In a large action of the Cantonal Prosecutor’s Office of Una-Sana Canton (USC) codenamed “Bure”, which is being carried out in cooperation with members of the USC Ministry of the Interior, 13 people were deprived of liberty on suspicion of unauthorized possession and distribution of narcotics.

The action that was carried out on Tuesday and Wedensday in the area of ​​Bihac, Cazin and Velika Kladusa is the result of several months of investigation into criminal acts committed from the beginning of this year until today.

Several locations were searched in the operation, and a larger quantity of narcotics of an unknown type was found, as well as other items that could serve as evidence in further criminal proceedings.

The arrested persons will be handed over to the acting prosecutor today, who will interrogate them and then decide on taking further measures.

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