Bosnian Pyramids on the British Daily Star: Forget Egypt!

Bosnian Pyramids on Daily Star radiosarajevo.baBosnian pyramids are still a true attraction to the foreign media. After reportage on Discovery Channel, the British Daily Star published a story about BH pyramids titled “Exclusive: Valley of Ancient Mega Pyramids Unearthed in Europe”.

The text speaks about the pyramid of Sun as the biggest pyramid in the world tens of thousands of years old, emphasizing that it is even older than the pyramids in Egypt.

“Some people say that the claims of Semir Osmanagic are plain lies, but the professor decisively denied it claiming that the structures are real, pointing out that everything we were taught about ancient history is wrong”, it was stated in the text.

Besides the pyramid of Sun, the Moon, Earth and Love are also mentioned, as well as the energetic field and curative effects.

“It is true that some archaeologists from Egypt, Mexico, Germany and the USA are making fun of us. However, 50 years from now people will be making fun of our main scientists of today for the lack of knowledge”, Osmanagic stated for Daily Star.

The story of Bosnian pyramids was published yesterday in the section of the latest news.


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