Bosnian Security Minister: To investigate every Case of Abuse of Migrants


Minister of Security of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Fahrudin Radoncic, stated that he sent a letter to the Prime Minister, the police and the Prosecutor’s Office of the Una-Sana Canton with a request to investigate every case of abuse of migrants or migrant minors, Nezavisne news portal reports.

“What is the essence and what I keep repeating is that the issue of migrants cannot be just the issue of Bosnia and Herzgeovina and only three cantons,” Radoncic told reporters in Sarajevo.

He pointed out that BiH does not know the identity of 9,500 migrants.

“BiH will responsibly fulfill all its obligations, but we also ask our friends from the European Union to be as responsible as possible,” said Radoncic, stating that most migrants arrive from the direction of Greece and are waiting in BiH to move to Croatia.


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