Bosnians Contribute to Returning Life to African Villages

djeca - afrika-1Thanks to donations of BiH citizens, eight wells have been built in Chad, one of the poorest countries in the world. This has made life easier for people in eight villages in Chad. Thanks to the donations of our citizens, from BiH and the BiH diaspora, 10 more villages in Chad and Somalia will obtain wells’’, writes Dnevni Avaz.

This humanitarian mission involves the participation of many associations from BiH and the diaspora, and began last year with the intention to build one well in Africa called “Srebrenica”. However, according to Zemira Gorinjac, the President of the Association “Solidarnost”, which took part in the action, it proved the unity of Bosniaks who collected enough money for 18 wells. The construction of one well costs 4,000 US dollars.

“Everything started through facebook and information spreading. Many took part, and we were surprised at the amount of money that was collected. You can imagine how many people and animals will be rescued when a well is built in one village without water. Literally, life is returning in a village that has a well’’, said Gorinjac.

Given the fact that one family from Travnik earlier financed the building of a well on its own, Gorinjac said that, thanks to donations from BIH citizens, 19 villages have been saved.

In addition to the eight wells called “Srebrenica”, “Islam Bosna”, “Knjiga izvor”, “Ridvan-Bosna”, “Selam”, “Solidarnost-Bosna”, “Taqwa-Graz” and “Tesnim-Bosna”, it is expected that 10 more wells will be built, given that the funds are paid.

The holder of the global project for building wells in Africa is the organization IHH from Turkey.

(Source: Dnevni Avaz)


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