Where is the Boy from BiH from a Photo with Princess Diana that went all over the World in 1997?

“The photo on which Princess Diana is with two Bosnian children, who lost their feet because of the landmine, went all over the world. Nermina Bradaric and Zarko Peric were 12 and 14 years old back then,”  as reported by the German tabloid “Bild “.

20 years after the encounter with Princess Diana, Zarko, who lives in Mostar, gave the interview for “Bild”.

In that interview, he said that “he still remembers how beautiful and kind she was”.

“I could not believe that such an important person could be so simple. Unlike Diana, many other people are walking around with much bigger ego. She was just very kind and gentle, but on the other hand, she had a lot of strength. I had the feeling that she could change the world. She promised to never forget about us,” said Peric for “Bild”.

Zarko was “a member of the three-member delegation who received an invitation to attend Diana’s burial”.

“It was an unusual feeling for me. There were a lot of people and flowers. I could not see much, but I remember that my prosthesis was very uncomfortable, and it hurt me.”

When asked what he would say to Diana today is she was still alive, Zarko said:

“I would tell her to keep doing what she did so brilliantly, and it is to help the weak, sick and unprivileged people. That is the reason why she was so loved and respected.”

Zarko is currently unemployed, but he is not “a guy who is not doing anything”.

“I planted some cherries in the garden around 3 years ago. I am planning to produce cherry liqueur in several years. In that way, I want to financially help my family. I am currently depending on my family’s help.”

Zarko is dreaming about normal work and life.

“I would like to start my own family, but unfortunately, I do not have financial resources for that at the moment. My dream is a normal family life,” as reported by Deutsche Welle.

(Source: fokus.ba)


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