Monument to Fallen Soldiers and Civilian War Victims officially opened in Sarajevo

The monument to the fallen soldiers and civilian war victims of the Municipality of Centar was officially opened yesterday in the presence of citizens and representatives of Canton Sarajevo, the Municipality Centar, the associations of war veterans and the Local Community “Ciglane-Gorica”.

Mustafa Resic, Advisor of the Mayor of Centar Nedzad Ajnadzic, said that it is not accidental that they chose to open this kind of monument on the anniversary of the establishment of the First Corps of the Army of RBiH, whose members managed to defend the city and this country from conquerors for the first time in the thousand-year history of this country.

“At this monument are 26 names of our fellow citizens who lost their lives in the defense of BiH and Sarajevo, and right next to it is a memorial dedicated to civilian war victims who were killed by artillery shells or snipers in the besieged city while waiting in lines for water, bread, firewood… Therefore, these two memorials symbolize the unity of soldiers and citizens who helped soldiers and lived in difficult conditions,” stated Resic.

President of the Association of Families of Martyrs and Fallen Soldiers Ramiza Sejto thanked the Municipality Centar and Mayor Ajnadzic for their contribution to the construction of this memorial, which allocated 56,000 BAM from the municipal budget for the realization of this project.

During the ceremony, the delegation of Canton Sarajevo, the Municipality Center, the Association of Generals of BiH, the Association of Brigade Associations, and the representatives of the war veterans associations of the Municipality Centar, laid flowers in front of the memorial.

This manifestation was beautified by the student of the Music Academy in Sarajevo, Ornela Veladzic. There are a total of 21 memorials in the area of the Municipality of Centar.

(Source: klix.ba)


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