Brave Lamija Adilovic defeated Cancer: Slackening is forbidden!

lamija adilovicBrave Lamija won the fight against the cancer of the lymph nodes that she was diagnosed when she was 15 years old, Today, at the day when, exactly two years ago, she received the last chemotherapy, this young girl says to all those fighting a life battle not to slacker because “slackening is giving up“.

With less than 15 years, Lamija Adilovic noticed a lump on her leg in a part of right thigh but she hasn’t paid a special attention to it given that in the beginning, she thought that it was caused by an injury caused during the training.

When she saw that the lump does not get smaller, she decided to talk to doctors from Sarajevo who claimed that there is no need to worry because it is just a fat. They advised her to stop eating fatty food and soda drinks. However, lump continued to grow up.

Girl complained on changes to the physiotherapist during therapies for her back, to whom she said that lumps started to grow up in the area of lymph glands.

“Doctor said that is urgent to make the ultrasound, but she was ordered half a year later. It was too long period to wait, but I decided to make the ultrasound in the State Hospital where it was discovered that it is about three big and one small lymph node on both legs“, started this brave girl her story.

Doctors were preparing her for the last farewell with her family

After investigating the bone marrow, I stayed in hospital where I have been receiving therapies for half a year which were very hard to endure. My body reacted badly to thus in one moment, I remained motionless due to chemotherapies. I was like a plant, I hardly breathed, the rest was on infusions. I was motionless for a months, I got a heart tachycardia, slower work of the thyroid gland, those were all things that come with a cancer“, said Adilovic.

“I said “I have to win myself“. After that I started to be successful in that goal and to suffer and fight. Thanks God, at the end I managed to win“, said Adilovic.

Her greatest impetus against the serious disease was her family who was always there for her. Her numerous friends also gave her a great support.

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