Brčko District is an important factor in EU integrations

Chief of Department of EU integrations in the Government of Brčko District Ilija Stojanović said that Brčko District has become an important factor in the process of EU integrations, and it has certain competencies in which BiH is under the obligation to harmonize its standards.

Stojanović noted that, according to that, Brčko District is a user of technical and other help of the EU.

”The continuation of the 700 000 EUR worth project is in progress, and Brčko District will use a portion of that money to implement projects in the field of tourism, and also to finish the project of constructing the building of Police of Brčko District, worth 3.5 million EUR” said Stojanović.

He noted that the amount of trade with Croatia will be reduced in this year, and added that the negotiations with the EU about the changes to the Stabilization and Accession Agreement and Interim agreement which involves changing the quota – changing customs of the export and import of goods into the EU, are currently taking place.

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