Brčko: Mayor met with the representatives of ”Termoelektro” company

Mayor of Brčko District Anto Domic held a meeting with representatives of ”Termoelektro” company Brčko. They talked about the current economic situation and about the initiative to start the education centre for retraining of staff. They also talked about the legal possibilities of adult education in the District.

Mayor Domić said: ” ‘Termoelektro’ is a company that has vision how to help the local community by creating projects for the employment of young people. Their concrete suggestions about the retraining are achievable, but we must make the administration a little more efficient.”

He added that there were similar proposals in the past, but the city administration didn’t take it into consideration.

We’re trying to carry out these ideas by legal procedure in order to employ more people, and I hope that Brčko area is good enough for the businessmen that may come’’, concluded the mayor.

Manager of ”Termoelektro” Ilija Stjepanovic said that with the help of the Brčko District Government, retraining could help 50 workers to get a job in this company in the next three months.

”Currently in our retraining school in Ugljevik we train approximately 15 new welders. We have the need for space where we could open our workshops and relocate this school to Brčko, and main occupations we offer are welders, machinists, pipe fitters and installers”, said Stjepanović

Stjepanović added that there is a need for the educational system of Brčko to invest more in crafts, and said that ”Termoelektro” would give scholarships to ten high school students who are willing to perform these jobs.

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