Edin Džeko is now the official candidate for the City of Sarajevo Award in Honor of April the 6th

Board of directors of the Association ” Education builds B&H”, with its president Redžad Čatić and the executive director Jovan Divjak made a decision to candidate our famous football player, and national team player Edin Džeko for the City of Sarajevo Award in Honor of April the 6th. According to this decision, the director of the Association Jovan Divjak personally submitted the candidacy of Edin Džeko to the protocol of the City Administration.

The candidacy, whose carrier is the Association ” Education builds B&H” received support from UNICEF, the Olympic Committee B&H, the Football Federation of B&H, the Federation of sitting volleyball, and also from the Federal Ministry for Sport and Culture. Edin’s candidacy for this award has had so far the biggest public support of the most populated Municipality in Sarajevo, the Municipality of Novi Grad.

” I am very excited by the fact that I will be one of the candidates for the City of Sarajevo Award in Honor of April the 6th. Many people ask me why it is so important for me, because I received numerous awards earlier and I say that this one would be something special for me.  To be accepted in a country you live in is the hardest thing, and when that happens, you know you have achieved something in your life. I love Sarajevo and I always come back with a smile on my face, so I want to thank the Association who saw me as a man who deserves to receive this award.”- said Edin Džeko.


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