Brother and Sister from Teslic revived their Grandfather’s ‘Toy Factory’

brother and sisterThe original wooden toys, which are designed and produced by brother and sister Nenad (22) and Tatjana (21) Vasic from Teslic, are on their way to grow this hobby into a serious business.

They presented their handicrafts at several business conferences in the region, where they received numerous awards. They won one of their favorite awards recently in the competition for the best technological innovation in the RS, where they won the second prize.

They said that plenty of praise and recognition, which are coming from all sides, represent motivation to them to continue operation and improvement of their innovations.

This gives them a major boost to register their brand Sklopy Toys, and to expand the production.

There is great interest in their toys, and some of them already went to their customers. “We fought to realize the idea, and now we are investing even greater efforts in this business. The two of us are just at the beginning and it is not easy, but we believe that with a lot of effort and love, we can achieve a lot,” said Nenad.

He said that they are planning to pay more attention to the promotion of their products and bring them closer to the children, as well as everyone who care about the development of motor skills in children.

His sister Tatjana explained that laces are creating interesting shapes on the wooden toys.

“Besides wood, we use natural colors and ecologically made laces, and some parts are also produced in Teslic. We are aware that we need to invest more money in everything in order to produce larger quantities,” said Tatjana.

According to her, these competitions helped them a lot on improvement in this business, where they got significant experience and made many acquaintances.

(Source: akta.ba)

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