Soup Kitchen to provide Hot Meals to Everyone in Need due to Cold and Minuses

soup-kitchenDue to the extremely low temperatures in Sarajevo, the Municipality of Stari Grad, in cooperation with the Soup Kitchen Stari Grad has decided to offer a meal and a warm place to everyone in need, as announced from this municipality.

According to the administrator of the soup kitchen Zilha Seta, also known as Aunt Zilha, anyone in need is welcomed to come and take a free meal and a warm cup of tea.

โ€œIn agreement with Mayor Ibrahim Hadzibajric, from today at 08:00 am, anyone who knocks at our door will get hot tea, cooked dish, bread and a kind word in our warm rooms. Please note that this person does not have to be a registered user of our kitchen, no one will be hungry and frozen while we are here,โ€ said Aunt Zilha.

Soup Kitchen Stari Grad is located in the heart of Bascarsija, at Halaci. The Municipality of Stari Grad is supporting the work of the Soup Kitchen Stari Grad for many years, and last year it allocated grant in the amount of 40,000 BAM for its normal functioning.

Soup Kitchen “Stari Grad” was founded in 1992 and at that time was the first of its kind in the city of Sarajevo and Canton Sarajevo.

(Source: nap.ba)

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