Buroj Ozone to be completed in 2019?

After various information that the Buroj Ozone project has failed, the owner of the company Buroj International Group Ismail Ahmed said ithat much of it will be constructed by the end of next year and that the entire settlement will be ready in 2019.

Despite the fact that, so far, nothing but the corner stone has been built, Ismail claims that the project isn’t stopped and that everything is under control.

“The project isn’t halted and everything is under control, but the procedures, rules, and paperwork are taking lots of time. Now, it’s all completed. We have the urban and other permits. This is the best project in the world and the largest in Europe. I want people to know that I haven’t come here to take their money, but rather to make money through a project that will be very good for Bosnians and all other people,” said Ismail Ahmed.

He emphasized that the Buroj Ozone is a challenge for him and that it’s too important to him to give up and that he’ll do everything for it to succeed.

“We came here to build, not destroy BiH. I’ve never deceived anyone and I’ve paid everyone who worked. The company is registered, the workers are also registered and everything is legal. I don’t owe money to anyone and we’ve already invested and lost a lot due to delays. We need to talk realistically: I didn’t take anyone’s money and I didn’t leave BiH. I was here,” said the owner of the company.

He noted that international investors are investing in this project and the firm, as well as that they are very interested. He said that he invested in the promotion of not only the project but also of our country, which is a primary reason why the number of Arab tourists has increased in the last two years.


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