Businessman from Germany to buy the biggest Investment Fund in the Republic of Srpska?

berzaGeorg Thaler, businessman from Germany with Austrian origins, bought the Management Company of “Zepter Fund”, the biggest investment fund in the Republic of Srpska (RS). This investment fund is having on disposal shares of 124 companies that are worth more than 100 million BAM.

In the Central Registry of Securities of Banja Luka, Thaler’s company “Thaler Vermögensverwaltung GMBH,” was officially registered as the owner of 100 % of the shares of the DUIF “Zepter Invest,” which previously belonged to Philip Zepter, the businessman with Serbian origins, or more precisely to his company “Zepter International” Kozarska Dubica, as published on the business portal “Capital.”

Recently, Thaler took over 70 % of shares of the Management Company “Kristal invest,” which is managing “Kristal fund.” He is the owner of 100 % of the shares of “Kristal consulting” from Banja Luka, as well as 28 % of the shares of “Kozaprevoz” from Novi Grad/Bosanski Novi.

Nenad Tomović, the Director of “Zepter Invest,” confirmed that they got a new owner for “Capital”.



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