What can we expect after the Rejection of Request for Revision of the Lawsuit?

ICJ HaagThe Hague Tribunal yesterday answered to members of the Presidency of BiH filed the application for revision of a judgment of the lawsuit of BiH against Serbia. The request was rejected because it was not submitted by any official institution of BiH, as stated from The Hague. The question is, what can we expect: a new political crisis or the acceptance of decision and resolving of specific problems?

The Court in The Hague relatively quickly responded to the submitted application, which was officially submitted by agent Sakib Softic on the 23rd of February, whose legitimacy was disputed by the political representatives of the RS.

For the chief culprit for the political crisis that took place in the country was named the Bosniak member of the Presidency of BiH Bakir Izetbegovic, who was a sponsor of the conference that was held in Sarajevo City Hall, where the decision that BiH will start the revision of the judgment  was officially announced in front of dozens of public persons from BiH.

Izetbegovic stated that the decision of the Court in The Hague was purely political and that this is a harsh slap in the face for him as a Bosniak and politician, but that he would feel much worse if the revision was not filed at all.

Just until today, there has been a political crisis, calls on responsibility and emphasis on non-institutional activity. The President of Serbia Tomislav Nikolic postponed his visit to Sarajevo.

However, although Izetbegovic was presented as the most responsible leader who should make a decision on the revision, he received the support of other Bosniak representatives as well.

However, the president of the SBB Fahrudin Radoncic said that Izetbegovic should explain why the decision on the revision was unsuccessful and the president of SDP Nermin Niksic openly invited Izetbegovic to resign.

A number of associations of victims of genocide noted their disappointment by the decision of the Hague Tribunal because the last attempt for the revision of the judgment against Serbia failed with this act.

The President of the RS Milorad Dodik said that, regardless of the decision of the Hague Tribunal, there is still a question of abuse of power, referring to the agent Sakib Softic, for whom he says that he falsely represented BiH and that he had no legitimacy to submit the application for the revision.

The decision of the Hague Tribunal will result in some new relations in BiH, whether another political crisis or concrete action and resolving of the accumulated issues.

(Source: klix.ba)


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