New Domestic Chocolates from Vispak on the Market of BiH

vispak chocolatesBH food industry Vispak from Visoko placed two new flavors of Tiru – Liru chocolate bars on the market, including hazelnut, caramel, and strawberry. After milk and banana – biscuit chocolate bars, new flavors are additionally attracting with interesting design as well.

Tiru – Liru chocolate bars are a real treat for children and they represent a sweet little temptation. They encourage playing, fun, and fantasy with their taste and design, and children become part of a happy Tiru – Liru family while identifying themselves with pets that encourage positive qualities in children. Tiru – Liru calls for hanging out with friends, awakens the imagination and creativity in children who tend to identify themselves with their favorite characters and pets from packaging, as announced from Vispak.

Tiru – Liru line has a total of 10 products with the two latest additions. Tiru – Liru milk chocolate bars were the first one placed on the market in 2012, and it was followed by Tiru – Liru chocolates with bananas and biscuits chocolates. That same year, Vispak launched a line of Tiru – Liru milk chocolate bars in the package of 80g. In 2013, they launched Tiru – Liru cream in the package of 400g, Tiru – Liru chocolate eggs, while Tiru – Liru mix was launched in 2014, the same year as Tiru – Liru chocolate balls in the package of 120 g.

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(Source: N1)

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