New Database of Investment-Development Bank of RS

From today on the Internet website of the RS Investment-Development Bank (IRB) a new version of information on corporate loan is available, which allows for a faster search according to set criteria, and there is also improved visibility.

The IRB says that the new database has been completely redesigned, and that new parameters for filtering search results have been introduced. There is also more detail on each loan application.

“An integral part of the new database is reports on funds according to various criteria, with the possibility to display in tabular form or in graphic form. The loan calculator is also something new, which allows for all interested future users to easily calculate the full repayment loan, or to know the amount that they would pay the rate’’, according to a statement from the IRB.

The IRB also says that the database of loans is intended primarily for people who have applied for a loan from the IRB, so that they could follow the stage of approval of their loan application.

According to a statement from the IRB, the database provides a wealth of information on the credit funds of IRB, which could be interesting to economic analysis, potential foreign investors, media and others.

‘’What is most important is that the citizens of RS have a transparent insight into the work of the IRB until now in the area of loans’’, says the IRB.

Besides the database of credit loans, the site also displays information on privatization, economic indicators of the RS and investment locations in the RS.

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