Can you make a Profit from a Bitcoin in BiH?

An increasing number of people in the world are using digital currencies. The most famous so-called cryptocurrency is Bitcoin, whose value is now several thousand times higher than the value of USD.

Damir Selmanovic is a programmer from Sarajevo, and he started using Bitcoin a few years ago when this cryptocurrency was newly created. He noted the basic advantages of Bitcoin, which differs from the classic currencies in the fact that there is no owner of the currency or the state central bank that manages its value. Everything happens on the Internet and all users are anonymous, they are using nicknames instead of real names.

“In order to start using Bitcoin, you need a digital wallet, and you have to create it. It is actually your digital identity or key to which all your transactions are linked. You can buy Bitcoin as any other currency. There are stock exchange offices that are dealing with the sale of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in the same way as you would buy USD, EUR etc.,” stated Selmanovic.

Popularity, and therefore the value of Bitcoin is growing rapidly in the world. The value of Bitcoin has been increased almost ten times only in the past year. Currently, you can get more than 7,000 USD for one Bitcoin. Despite significant daily value oscillations, experts estimate that the value of Bitcoin should continue to grow in the upcoming years.

Developer Adnan Efendic has been trading with Bitcoin for a year. He bought the first Bitcoin in the online exchange office, in exchange for BAM. You can earn from the resale of cryptocurrencies, he says.

Besides the purchase, Bitcoins can be also earned through the so-called mining, by connecting the computer to a large global network and getting a certain percentage because of participation in the securing of Bitcoin. There are numerous benefits, but there are dangers as well,โ€ noted these developers.

(Source: N1)


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