Livno Tornjak won the first Place at the World Dog Show

At the World Dog Show 2017, which was held in Leipzig, German city, from 8th  to 12th  November, tornjak Vikon (Bosnian Shepherd Dog), whose owner was Damir Badrova from Livno, won the first place in the open male class.

Participation of tornjak at the mentioned competition is a historic moment for that breed which was recently recognized by the International Kennel Club.

Besides the winner – tornjak Vikon, remarkable result was achieved by the Bernese Mountain Dog owned by Ivica Budimir from Tomislavgrad, who entered the final round in spite of 350 competing dogs and Rotweiller of the owner Ilija Peric from Tomislavgrad with the fifth place of 98 dogs competing in that class.

At the World Dog Show in 2017, about 30 thousands dogs from 73 countries all around the world participated, and Bosnia and Herzegovina was represented by the Kennel Club of Herceg Bosna with six dogs.

(Source: radiosarajevo.ba)


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