Cardinal Puljić held a mass at the St. Joseph Cemetery in Sarajevo

161101100-3_xlThe Archbishop of Vrhbosna Cardinal Vinko Puljić yesterday held a mass at the cemetery St. Joseph in Sarajevo, on the occasion of the All Saints Day and the All Spirits Day.

In his addressing speech, Puljić highlighted that the believers gathered at the cemetery to show their closeness with their dead ones and to pray for them.

“We thank God for this sunny day which enables us to visit the graves and celebrate this day,” said Cardinal Puljić.

Puljić told the citizens to ask their late ones to stand up for them and advocate their courage, hope and persistence before all challenges and temptations.

According to the Christian religion, the dead ones transcended into an eternal life after death, which does not mean the end of existence, but rather a life in another way; the life of a soul that looks at God while the body waits for the resurrection on the Final Day. This holiday actually celebrates the living ones as members of the heavenly Church, which is a companion to the traveling Church and a part of one whole.

(Source: klix.ba)

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