FBI releases 17-year old Documents about Bill Clinton?

clintonCouple of days before the presidential election in the United States (US), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has published 17 years old archives that contain documents about long closed investigation of how Bill Clinton pardoned fugitive financier Marc Rich, who was convicted back in 1983.

Rich escaped to Switzerland in order to avoid prosecution, and he passed away in 2013.

White House spokesman Josh Earnest said that he was unaware that anyone at the White House was consulted about the material before it was released.

These latest documents published by the FBI, launched additional questions from the pre-election staff of Hillary Clinton about the time of their publication. A spokesman for Hillary Clinton, Brian Fallon, commented in a media: “Will FBI be posting docs on Trumps’ housing discrimination in ’70s?”

The FBI has said that the documents were published shortly after they were treated, since they were requested through Freedom of Information Act for three or more times.

In the statement was added that this represents only a “preliminary” release of documents.


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