Caritas in B&H collecting funds for Refugees in Serbia

refugeesPreparations  for the help to refugees who arrive to B&H are currently in progress on Caritas B&H, and the campaign of collecting funds for refugees who are currently in Serbia started.

All those who want to help can be informed at the web page www.caritas.ba or the Facebook page Caritas B&H.

It was said from the Caritas B&H that they got the letter of solidarity from the Caritas Europe. In which was emphasized that causes of the migrant crisis are probably the most underrated and the worst solved problem of the European government.

Also, it was stated in the letter that the migrant crisis should be approached on four levels.

Before all, it needs to be invested in diplomatic and political measures to stop the war and the sustainable peace in the conflict that caught countries, and to contribute to the life conditions in camps, as well as the further human development of refugees. Also, it is necessary to include schools and activities for children which includes the education of adults and the reintegration in the nearby labor markets.

One of measures stated by the Caritas Europe is the establishment of the secure and legal path towards the Europe as well as the care monitoring.

“Creating a strategy around these four approaches, in which the man is in the center and which cares about the integral development of people to all and which looks at the labor, economy and technology as on services of the common good, will significantly contribute to the avoidance of tragic events we are witnessing for years“, as stated in the letter of solidarity.

(Source: novovrijeme.ba)

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