Prime Ministers Novalic and Cvijanovic agreed the Action Plan of the Reform Agenda

novalic cvijanovicPrime Minister of the Federation of B&H, Fadil Novalic, and the president of the Government of RS, Zeljka Cvijanovic, agreed yesterday at the meeting in the headquarters of the Government of FB&H, the Action plan of the reform agenda for 2015/2016.

Such progress in the implementation of the reform agenda was greeted by the Head of the Delegation of the EU and the special representative of the EU in B&H, ambassador Lars-Gunnar Wigemark saying that it is impressive to see the determination in this regard which is very important for the European integration.

“The emphasis is on the harmonization of the law, actions and measures in order to, as much as possible, come to the same market which we are“, said the Prime Minister of FB&H, Novalic.

Cvijanovic emphasized that the mutual initiative for the amendment of the Law on taxes of B&H was defined at the meeting, to take it back from 40 to 10 BAM.

“Also, we agreed amendments of the Law on excise duties related to the excise on the petroleum products which will be used for the roads construction“, said Cvijanovic adding that it should be done for excise on beer and cigarettes, which will be uses for health care.

She emphasized that she expects the Law on deadlines for the fulfillment of financial obligations to be agreed until the end of the year.

The meeting was attended by the Deputy Prime Minister of the Federation of B&H and the Federal Ministry of the Finance, Jelka Milicevic, Minister of Finance of RS, Zoran Tegeltija and the Head of the Delegation of the EU and the special representatives of the EU in B&H, Lars-Gunnar Wigemark.

(Source: novovrijeme.ba)

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