Caucus of Bosniaks vetoed the Law on the Day of RS

141027118Caucus of Bosniaks in the Council of Peoples of Republika Srpska today vetoed the Law on the Day of RS.

Caucus president Mujo Hadžiomerović explained that they launched the issue of protection of the vital national interest because January 9 as a holiday will never be acceptable for Bosniaks.

Hadžiomerović reminded that even one year later the RS still has not implemented the decision by the Constitutional Court of BiH on the unconstitutionality of the Law on Holidays in the RS; which also referred to January 9 as the Day of RS.

“This new proposed law is unacceptable for Bosniaks,” added Hadžiomerović, emphasizing that the law does not respect the will of one nation.

At a special session held in Banja Luka on October 25, without the presence of Bosniak delegates, the National Assembly of RS adopted the Law on the Day of RS in urgent procedure and tasked the Government with conducting the harmonization of the Law on holidays in the part that refers to the exercising of religious freedoms.

The Caucus of Bosniaks vetoed that conclusion as well.

Article one of the Law on the Day of RS, proposed by the Government and adopted by the National Assembly, states that the law defines the Day of RS, it defines the relevant body that regulates the way in which citizens, entity bodies and organizations, local government units, business societies, institutions and other organizations and individuals who operate professionally celebrate the Day of RS.

Article two states that, based on the confirmed will of the citizens of RS, January 9 is defined as the Day of RS, marked and celebrated as a secular holiday, and it also defines that the Government of RS defines the manner of marking and celebration of the Day of RS.

(Source: klix.ba)

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