A Cave Rescue Exercise successfully carried out in Blagaj

In the last several days, Blagaj and the spring of Buna were centers of an exercise in speleo and speleo-diving techniques for rescuing victims in the exercise “Buna 2017.”

“This is an exercise organized by two countries, by the Ministry of Security of BiH on one side and by the Ministry of Defense of Slovenia on the other. On our side, the main actors were the Mountain Rescue Service (GSS) with the Federal Administration for Civil Protection, with some guys from SIPA. The GSS sent two units, the Interventional Rescue Service (ISS), which specialized in water rescue, and the Speleological Club Herceg, which does the land part,” said Esad Humo, the creator of the idea and beginner of the rescue services in our countries.

The Slovenian part of the exercise is done by the Civil Protection of the Republic of Slovenia, EHI Enote for technical diving (ETP) and the Cave Rescue Service of Slovenia.

Humo describes the idea behind the main exercise, which is rescue behind a tube. This situation has recently become rather frequent, as adventure tourism has increased here.

“The scenario is that an accident happened about 100 m away from the spring of Buna, inside the cave where there is a large gallery. We’re beginning with a hypothetical situation that there was an accident in that gallery and that from distance, we need to transport the injured speleologist or diver. We’re training getting him out from there, from that siphon. I have to explain that a siphon is a water plug between two pieces of dry area,” explains Esad Humo.

The second part of the exercise simulates speleological transport between one area above the Tekija and the other shore of the Buna, where the victim is transported from one hole using a Tyrolean cord across the river.

(Source: Klix.ba)

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