Cave Vjetrenica Is of Interest to Tourists from the Region

?pilja vjetrenicaThe visit of tourists to the cave Vjetrenica, which is first in the world in terms of biodiversity and a natural gem in BiH, has already begun at the end of March and will last until the beginning of November.

“The most interesting thing is that we already have a lot of announced organized visits and reservations for this tourist season’’, announced the Director of “Vjetrenica” Ana Soldo for Fena.

She said that employees of this company organized a day of open doors to the cave on the occasion of Earth Day on 22 April, where there were 500-600 visitors. There were representatives of schools and non-profit organizations, and they organized various workshops and separate presentations inside the cave.

“With the number of visitors, we have shown that Vjetrenica is interesting not only to visitors in BiH, but also in the wider region’’, she said.

Soldo underlined that Vjetrenica this year made a series of steps in order to expand capacity to receive a larger number of visitors. A driveway has been built, decorated stalls around Vjetrenica, and the latest is new restaurants in the area of Vjetrenica, 200 meters from the entrance to the cave.

Last season, the construction of the building administration began. With the financial support of UNESCO, the area has been renovated and covered, and what is left are final works inside the cave. There will be a speleological museum where all exhibits from the cave will be on display.

In Vjetrenica there is a rich cave word, which recorded nearly 200 different kinds of species, from which 92 are troglobites, making it first in the world in terms of biodiversity, and 37 of them were first found and described in this area. The fauna Vjetrenica has a large number of endemic species.

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